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we're closing down shop. thanks for being with us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow. good night from washington. come blog with us. >> tonight... the new year not starting well for the obama administration. most americans want the military to handle the latest captured terrorists. >> why not treat them as enemy combatant? try to get more information out of them? >> we'll have a number of reports on american security in the age of obama. >> my message to tiger would be tiger go to the chri chris -- christian faith. >> brit hume with religious advice. mr. hume will be here. >> good evening, it's so good to be here with you tonight. 50 and bernie goldberg has been watching diane sawyer's anchor debut. and the new team at good
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morning america, bernie has thoughts. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching the first factor of the new decade. happy new year, hope you had a nights break. now, unfortunately we're back to reality and it's not pretty. america's national security is the subject of the talking points memo. president obama's christmas could not have been calm after that loon from nigeria tried to blow up a jetliner. obama administration changed so many policies any terrorist activity will engender controversy. president had to wins when homeland security new year's eve janet napolitano stated the system quote, worked. of course, it did not and she
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had to recant the statement 24 hours later giving anti-oak yauma people open to considerate sish. washington post editorialized with former vice president in the chain republicans embarked on an ugly course to inflict maximum political damage on president obama. the claim that the incident shows the president's war on terrorism is unfounded, unquote that. is the liberal view, but here is the truth. president obama has promoted a number of policies most americans feel are not tough enough an al qaeda. impositioning a 71% of americans believe that nigerian bomber should be handle bid the military not tried in civilian court. more on that later and fox news anchor chris wallace asked obama's counter terrorism guy about that situation. >> why not treat them as an enemy combatant, put them in a
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secret prison use interrogation tech feeks the president approved and try to get more information out of them? >> well, we have an array of tools we'll use. we want to make sure we maintain flexibility. >> flexibility? >> where is the accused bomber lawyered up and stopped talking. flexibility? mr. brennan told cnn the guy may offer up a plea bargain. but why bother with that? it's legal to hold the terrorists as an enemy combatant and turn him over to the military? most americans and i agre to see military inter investigation as an effective measure, criticism for his strit ji is legitimate because obama administration is different than the bush administration. in this area. >> the president has not described this as a war on terrorism that. is because terrorism is but a tactic.
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a means to an end. describing our efforts as a global war plays into the warped narrative al qaeda prop investigates. >> now, the brennan's sturn not playing well with the folk as tempted bombing of the airliner is very bad news for the obama administration. that is a memo. now, top story tonight. is american security good enough? joining us from washington is nut gingrich, speaker of the new online news letter, you can get it on >> we can take this a lot of places. i think that president ob yaum has got a problem. you know, if you look at the polling americans are going look. we don't like the obama antiterror strategy. am i wrong? >> well, i think it's deeper than that. the united states has a problem. this is just a political matter you can have one level of concern. but the fact is that we're in a war, and our enemies are
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clever enough to take a nigerian, train him in yemen, ship him through amsterdam. it's so lacking in focus that even when this guy's father called the american embassy, and warned us about his son, we couldn't find a way to stop him. and frankly the white house advisor yesterday made no sense when he said there was no smoking gun. we don't have to approve the visa or the flight of every foreigner who wants to come here. the burden of proof ought to be on that person. someone's father calls and says my son has gone radical. i think the pretty high hurdle for that person to get a visa to the united states. >> okay. >> or be allowed to fly into the country. >> you know bureaucracy is always going to screw up. it's never going to be person. this flight in the negligenter lands and the way they do things is different than the way we do things.
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now, this overreaction. they're padding down everybody chbl the question is in your opinion, are we safe? i mean, are these people going to be able to get through the shield and has the obama administration weakened our defenses against al qaeda? >> we're not safe. we're in much greater danger than a year ago. it's not just bush versus obama. north koreans had an additional year to build nuclear weapons and missles. iranians had a year to develop nuclear weapons and to keep paying for terrorists. al qaeda had an additional year and two of the top four people in al qaeda in yemen were released from guantanamo bay. obama administration continues to release terrorists back into the world. >> bush did that. bush released those two guys. >> then, he was wrong and the state department was wrong and initial releases. we now have proof they're back
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in combat. >> yes. yes. they are. >> one estimate is that 74 of the released terrorists from guantanamo bay have gone back to active terrorism against the united states. i think we have to confront the fact this is going to be a bigger, much harder war than we thought it was. if you look at the list of the guy was on, it's ten times the sqiz of the no-fly list that. tells you that the problem may be draw maticly bigger than anyone in the administration... >> there is 500,000 people on that list. >> see, look. i don't understand. i don't understand a lot of things going on right now in our government. i don't understand the drive to close guantanamo bay. why it has to be done quickly. and i don't understand why khalid shaikh mohammed is being tried here in new york when that is insane. i don't understand why this guy, nigerian wasn't handed over to the military for
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interrogation now, lawyered up in michigan. i don't get any of that. do you, understand... this... who is driving it?. >> let me add one more piece to it, bill, the president signed very quietly an executive order releases interpol from all american constraints. freedom of information acts do not apply. based on a recent obama signed executive order give with relationship was syria, libya and iran this gives them extra legality in the united states in a way that never, ever before been offered and i'm you'ris -- curious as to why the president is doing this. i believe what you have is a group of people centered in the justice department and the attorney general whose law firms gave pro bono sup
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poverty -- support to terrorism. and everything they've done i is... >> why would anyone do that? number one what is the importance of giving. >> this more? >> this could leave to a number of investigations by and the question is why would the president of the united states give that kind of legal protection to an international police force? >> you're saying if there is abuse by the cia that inner poll has more authority to come and investigate? got it. but do you believe the attorney general gets up and says i'm more concerned with terrorists than with my family? come on. that is impossible.
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why. >> why terrorists and their own family? why would any rational person want to do that? >> do you interjected the word "rational". >> do you think he's a nut? >> i believe that holder believes, the attorney general believes protecting the rights of terrorists. why would you take a nigerian national just tried to blow up a plane to create maximum damage on the ground as well as in the air this, is a intelligently-designed attack if it worked. why would you take that person, put them in the american criminal justice system. give them an attorney, read them their miranda rights. put the dots together why would you be releasing people back to yemen is in the center of terrorism? i. >> i don't know why. i just don't know why.
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i oppose all of thing things you've mentioned but i can't believe a guy like eric holder puts terrorists and their situation above his own family. you know? look. in washington, d.c.... >> i don't know and i don't think he personalized it that way. i think i thinks he lives in a world where somehow united states is dangerous and the united states government is dangerous, let's trying these terrorists in new york city in a court is a terrible idea. >> i know. >> i know. when you see the guy on the plane... your daughter could have been on the plane. you see the guy groping with his under wear trying to blow the plane up. as soon as the plane lands they hand them over to the
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authorities rather than to the military which can do many, many more things to find out what is going on. i'm not getting it. i don't, i'm going to continue to investigate. mr. speaker we appreciate our point of view. thanks for being our first guest. >> coming up, weighing in on the question, are we safe? and brit hume has religious advice for tiger woods z adam lambert discusses me, your humble kpend on jay leno. upcoming. @3
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our lead story, the state of american security. are we safe? as >> now, as merngsed there is a major controversy over the nigerian bomber being charged in court in michigan. joining us from washington both fox news analyst autos juan, now, i just can't believe that holder and his
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pals and president obama who is obviously in charge, wake up every day and say you know what? we're going to do all of these things that make america less safe. it just doesn't make sense, does it to you? >> no. it doesn't make sense. i agree with you. i mean the guy's family, we're talking about the attorney general, eric holder. on a personal basis he's going to say he's going to put his family before a crazy terrorist. but i think we're not picking up here is that the law. we do have a constitution. we do care about people havin having... their -- . >> supreme court ruled these are enemy combatants. >> that has been did. >> remember, bill, bill, remember the shoe bomber was tried under the bush administration. you said there is so much difference between obama and the bush administration in terms of how we deal with this, i don't see it. i see more bombings by drones in pakistan, i see more of the kind of secrecy in the courts by the obama administration.
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the left thinks obama and bush have more in common. when you're talking, i think about not only the shoe bomber but the blind sheik. all of the guys tried. >> the problem with that analysis, juan, you've got jose padilla picked up in chicago. he goes to the military, okay? and there is reed on the plane going civilian there. isn't any uniform ti. but mary catherine, i know you agree with this. all of this chaos in the system that is what it is, is making us less safe. we don't have a uniformed way to deal with these people. does it make sense to you? that this guy lawyered up and can't tell about who did what? to him in yemen and how he got here? does that make sense to anyone? >> it does not make sense to me coming from a place we know is a hot bed that obama said is a hot bed. knowing he has some
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connections there and can tell us things so we let him lawyer up. there is a little bit, seems to be more ash temporary from the obama administration who gets civilian treatment who gets criminal treatment there. is a leaning... >> i mean, it was ash temporary. that is part of the problem witness, as a matter of fact. when you listen to brenen and holder justifications for doing this are thin. it doesn't make sense this, is not the wire. we don't have to lawyer this guy up and bring him micky d's to roll him. i think it's clear he probably has great information to tell. now now going to get sent to new york well, obama has luxury of doing that. we've gotten information out of him. many would like to do the same with this guy. >> 71%. we've got 71% of americans and that is including a lot of democrats. say look. we don't want this guy in
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michigan. president obama's can read. he sees that. and he understands how angry americans are about this bombing attempt. so... this has got to hurt him. does it not? >> and on some level, yes. it's like a vigilante mob. if this guy is put on the street he'd get torn limb to limb. >> i don't want to put him on the street. i want to put him under charge of the military. >> you ask about 77% you're getting my emotional reaction. imagine if my daughter is on that plane. i'd want to tear that guy's head off. >> and what. >> i want to break it to you on the new year. it is emotional. it s but it's a matter of law. let me break that to you. >> all right. juan. i know it's already been, they can do it. mary catherine? i'm going to give you the last word. go.
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>> you have the opportunity to do this. in this case, i think would it be helpful. and you know, if you don't do it with this guy where are we? the american people are being rational about that. >> ahead new poll says americans want the military to handle captured terrorist. why is the president not getting the message? then, brit hume on tiger woods and religion. those reports after these messages.
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personal story a new ras musen poll says 71% of likely voters believe the military should handle the captured terrorist from nigeria. 58% say water boarding should be used on the guy to get information. 58%.
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now that poll and other data is being criticize bid left wing who believe ras musen is skewing his polling to the right. joining us is mr. ras musen. the difference between the poll and the fox news poll and other polls and they do differ on president obama's job approval rating. have you him lowest, you poll only likely voters. is that correct? >> that is correct. we poll likely voters most of the other media polls are dult there's is one registered voters numbers are similar to ours. and what we know is that people younger and minorities less likely to vote feel supportive of the president but not going to help out democrats in the polls in november you heard juan williams say polling number, 71% want the guy to go to the military. he speaks on emotion. and you know that is,.
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>> yes. people are angry and christmas. sheer this idiot trying to blow up a plane. getting off the plane they go, you know let him go to the military. and is that the result any less valid? >> no. people aren't looking at this situation in z.trying to think about gee should we water board? or another technique? what they're saying is that we want this situation dealt within a firm manner. the number who want this guy treated by the military is higher than the number we found for the fort hood shootings. why? there are two events. over all, american people are coming to believe that there are that our system shifted too far in the direction of protecting individual rights at the expense of national security. and then, numbers are draw matic moving a lot. in the last few months. >> what we can anticipate is lower job approval ratings and the early part of 2010 based
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on the anger against this guy. and the shift you're talking about? >> i don't know it will be that much lower for the president, republicans are united in opposition to him. unaffiliated voters are strongly opposed but democrats, the core base of the party still supportive of everything the president is doing. what we asked about his rate beings over all, on national security matters guess what? most democrats, 70% saying he's doing a good or excellent job. it doesn't make sense with the 71% who disagree with the civilian in court deal. >> they disagree with that. right. democrats are... looking for an aggressive response. when you talk about the president's approval ratings, i don't think that those issues are going to move them into the short term. now, things continue to progress that could have impact. >> left wing is all over you. saying you are towards the right and you relie snou.
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>> well, first of all i appreciate people complaining now. being helping promote the polls in 2006 and 2008. bau trends are moving into that direction. we poll every day and pick up trends ahead of others and saw the republican losses coming in the last couple cycles and now, guess what? trends reversed and people on the political left don't like the message. >> and when you saw the weakness in republican party bush policy going south. you called that. and they were fine with you. and now, that it's in the opposite direction, they're not fine with you. >> i do want to point out you're very, very close n a presidential election. you almost hit it 100%. >> correct. we had a great cycle for the presidential year. also in 2008 were the first people to show elizabeth dole trailing in the north carolina race in 2006. first to show george allen trailing and conrad burns in trouble.
11:26 pm
again, it's not because we're doing something really special. we're polling every single day. >> right. >> and you poll for governor christie in new jersey correctly also. >> that is true. >> we use you a lot and wouldn't if we felt you were skewing the poll. doesn't look like you're sweating this too much. >> no. it's good to have the accusations aired better than a whispering campaign. we do our job best we can. we just go from there. >> thank you. >> plenty more ahead as the factor move as long. adam lambert taking a shot at me on the leno program and dennis miller is to blame. wait until you hear this. but next, brit hume has religious advice for tiger woods. interesting. we hope you stunld.
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you up to six months of pain relief with just one injection. it's a natural substance similar to healthy joint fluid that lubricates and cushions your joint, and relieves pain without the serious side effects that pain pills can have. for your free information kit, call the number on your screen. synvisc-one may not work for everyone. before beginning treatment, tell your doctor if you are allergic to products from birds - such as feathers, eggs or poultry - or if your leg is swollen or infected. the most common side effects are temporary pain, stiffness, swelling and fluid build-up in and around the knee. synvisc-one has not been tested in children, pregnant women or women who are nursing. to learn more, call this number, go online or ask your doctor about new synvisc-one. tonight two hot topics. our pal brit has religious advice for tiger woods. first will president obama fall further into the polls
11:29 pm
because of the muslim terror bomber? so you've heard conversations with speaker gingrich and scott rassmussen. i do believe there is a shift under way now to become tougher against terror. but the obama administration is not following that shift. am i wrong? >> i think you're right. bill. the president and his team seemed two beats behind the music in a number of incidents in cases involving terrorism and counter terrorism. the fort hood bombing is one. the decision to treat these two defendants the khalid shaikh mohammed and this latest that would be detroit bomber as criminal defendants represent another fear of terrorism can be and has been an extremely powerful political force, president bush responding to september 11th strongly and quickly. and with some eloquence proved what a force it could be on the behalf politically. and it carried him, i think
11:30 pm
throughout the 2004 election. it faded in the public's concerns because of the success, i think of the efforts to prevent another terrorist attack now there is a bad near miss. the public fears i think have been reawakened and i think will tend to work against this president barring a striking reversal in policy and approach. >> president obama is a smart guy. he knows where the winds are blowing. >> well, i -- it's hard to believe he won't feel these winds blowing. however, i do think there is a factor you and your guests may have overlooked is that is that closing of guantanamo bay, commitment to do that, campaign promise to do that, determination to do that i think is a factor and sometimes the driving factor in the obama strategy. every time you treat a defendant as a ordinary, or a potential terrorist as a criminal defendant you relieve your find of obligation of
11:31 pm
finding a place to put him. >> they've got the illinois prison. >> yes. i know that. but none of the things is comfortable or popular. it's fair to say that the administration is not looking to add to the list of people it has to find housing for as it seeks to close down guantanamo bay. look at the trouble with the prisoner that's the bush administration sent back to yemen. that this is becoming a political headache. the determination to press forward witness seems unabaited that. is what i'm trying to get at. >> you're a washington insider. how does that feel to be a washington insider? is that fun? >> never considered,. >> come on. don't give me that. you walk into any salon. they all know you well... >> it's. >> look agent fox news channel is that that doesn't make you an insider in washington. >> but they love you. now. pin netta, c ai. ia. brennan, counter terrorism. we hear there is bad blood. do you hear?
11:32 pm
>> i have heard that. but there is no way. r don't think personnel are the problem. i think this starts at the top. i don't think counter terrorism is an issue that greatly interested this president. i don't think it's been a priority. suspect it will become one. >> yes. if there is another one, all hell is going to break loose in this country. on fox news sunday you got into a subject that is a social embarrassment for tiger woods. you said that this about mr. woods. roll tape. >> he said to be a buddhist. i don't think that faith offers forgiveness and predepgs offer bid christian faith. my message would be tiger turn your faith, turn to christian faichblgt you can make a recovery and be a great example to the world. >> was that -- . >> i don't think so.
11:33 pm
tiger woods is someone i've rooted for as a golfer and as a man. admiring him over the years. i said to people if there was content of the character made him beyond his golf skills, so admirable. now we know the content of his character was not what we thought it was. he's paying a frightful price. my sense is that he's basically lost his family. and there is a lot of talk about endorse manies but that pales in his mind i suspect with what he's lost otherwise. my sense about tiger is that he needs something christianity provides. and gives and offers and that is redemption and forgiveness. and i was really meaning to say in comments yesterday more about christianity. i mentioned buddhism because his mother is a buddhist. he's apparently said he's a buddhist. but i think that the jesus christ offers tiger woods
11:34 pm
something that tiger woods badly needs. >> now, if he does go that route, then, he could be accused of remember if bill clinton years, he got in trouble had the bible and jj. they were praying. won't america... >> that wasn't the first time. do you remember chuck coleson? leading lights of water gate? if you will. >> he made a conversion. >> if tiger woods were to make a true conversion we'd know it. it would show through in his being. he would know it above all. he would feel the exorder yi blessing that that would be. and it would shine because he's prom nenlt. it would be a shining light. and i think it would be a magnificent thing to witness. >> what kind of reaction did you get when you said that? letters and e mails? >> i got letters and e mails from people who are believes who said right on.
11:35 pm
and unfavorable who claimed he was a jerk and shouldn't have belittled buddhist faith and so on. i wasn't trying to deliver... >> what do you think drives negative comments about, you know buddhism aside i don't think, but what do you drive a negative comment about christianity? >> it's always been a puzzling thing to me. the bible speaks of it that you speak the name jesus christ and i don't mean to make a pun here, but all hell breaks loose. it's always been explosive. i didn't say that the name in that way. i spoke to the christian faith but that was enough to trigger this reaction. it triggers a powerful reaction in people who do not share the faith and who do not believe in it thank you very much. happy new year. when we come back, bernie goldberg on profiling arabs at
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the airport. and diane sawyer taking over as chief anchor for abc news z adam lambert goes on jay leno and says sark yaftic things about me. can that be possible? ahead. iñ
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>> thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. mr. goldberg has been watching changes at abc news. his new column says usa must, must profile arabs. joining us from miami and you know, there is an interesting program tonight. you've been listening to it. everybody is getting engaged into a one question about attorney general holder why would he put the so-called rights of terror suspects above his family?
11:39 pm
because terror suspects goring to attack washington, d.c. if they can. and they use a low-level nuke if they could. so i'm not getting it. do you want to weigh in on it?. >> a little bit. let's start out and forget washington angle for just a second. eric holder isn't putting terrorist rights over the safety of his family, but terrorist rights over the safety of your own family z my own family. and the family of every single person watching us tonight. barack obama is against what he calls torture, water boarding. he'd water board the hell out of anyone if they had his two beautiful little daughters and i won't blame him one bit. but he won't water board anyone for your daughters or their daughters or their daughters or anyone else's. that is hypocrisy of forgive me me of the left. i don't want to make general
11:40 pm
saigss that puts so called american values over everything else. what american value would they be holding up in another knucklehead blows up an of a plane because they didn't want to profile? it's gotten americans killed at fort hood. it almost got americans killed on christmas day and i fear, i hope i'm wrong, but i fear it's going to get us killed at some point in the future. >> so your solution is that every arab male... gets shaken down before getting on a plane? what do you want to see? >> well... what i want to see, what i want to acknowledge right off the bat is that a 23-year-old man from beirut or yes, any place in the arab world is not the same as a 78-year-old woman from peoria. they're just not the same. they don't pose the same potential risk. or threat.
11:41 pm
i don't want to see arab man taken into a back room and get the rubber hose treatment. i'm saying he should be questioned and given more scrutiny than a 78-year-old woman who should breeze through. but the tsa people at the airport, i mean i know they want to do a good job. but they remind me of barney fpieff he would hassle a woman jaywalking in mayberry because rules are rules. and these guys, not specifically these guy buzz they'll hassle a old lady because she's taking lip gloss or too much shampoo. bill, everybody watching us now, everybody ever been through an airport knows this is crazy. i won't mind it if i felt safer after you know they took my shampoo away or any conditioner or a snow globe.
11:42 pm
i don't feel safer and i don't think anyone watching us feels safer, this is just pc craziness. >> it's a cya move. >> yeah. >> it's frustrating. because the terrorists win when creating this kind of chaos. now, let's shift over to your usual beef, the media. diane sawyer takes over for abc news. do you care? >> i don't. >> does anyone? >> no. i don't think it matters that much anymore. once upon a time it would have mattered but i think that dinosaur media evening newscasts are becoming less and less relevant by the day. it doesn't matter if diane's, who is good and smart, nice person, but doesn't matter if diane's ratings are higher or lower. and here is why.
11:43 pm
10 years ago according to the neilson people, 32 million americans were watching the evening news during dinner hour. 32 million americans today? 24 million americans. they've lost eight million viewers in a decade, a 25% drop. i use this line in my first book f these guys were selling shoes instead of news, they'd be out of business by now. >> do you think they don't matter anymore? at all? three network newscasts don't engage? >> they matter, no. if you say at all, i'd say no. they do matter in that a lot of people still watch it. 24 mimin people is still a lot of people. will you bu, -- but, if you look at trajectories, it's heading south. i'm in the saying this because i'm on fox, i don't care with that stuff. fox is going north.
11:44 pm
and that is something that ought to concern them very much. >> and how about morn showing? >> how about gma a bit. >> last time i watched one of the network mosh morning shows i was seven. and. >> you were... >> seven. yes. >> and us graham has a guest host? >> i get physically ill. i can't do it do they matter? they have a decent audience. do they matter? >> they make money. >> yae. they make money. >> so yeah that. matters. >> but not on the public policy front? >> no. not, i don't think morning shows mattered on public policy front. even in the days when they did real news. i don't think they mattered that much. >> and evening news, evening
11:45 pm
news are becoming less and less and less relevant by the minute. >> happy new year. reality checkup next. adam lambert discusses me, your humble correspondent on leno. and the movie "avatar" breaking records.
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11:47 pm
back tonight reality check. beginning with a misunderstanding. check one. you may remember singer adam lambert's controversial performance on american music awards. he believes that i disparaged his relationship with his father on the factor because that have display. it's not true but did not stop mr. lambert from saying this on the leno program. >> my father was rumored to be, like, mortified by what i did
11:48 pm
and now, we're not speaking. it's a rumor, come on. i think bill o'reilly per pet traited -- perpetrated that. lovely man, he is. and no. but father and i had a conversation laughing about it. >> now. we don't believe mr. lambert is a factor viewer but i appreciate being called a lovely man. so he may have received his information secondhand. truth is that dennis miller is to blame for everything. >> i tell what you does fascinate me? adam lambert's dad said listen. i just think it was a bad choice taste wise. good for him. some kids live in rarified air. i love the fact the old man can say i love my kid and am proud of him. this might have been a bad choice. that is all he asked for. i find his dad to be
11:49 pm
fascinating. >> i hope that cleared it up. check two. the movie "avatar" big hit. >> we drive these remotely controlled bodies grown from human dna mixed with dna of the natives. looks like that. >> looks like you. >> not sure what they're doing but after 17 days it's grossed a billion with a b, dollars. astounding number. on track to become the second most lucrative film of all time behind "titanic". check through, some americans believe the american news organizations skew left. it's hard to argue when there is something like this. >> it's been suggest that had the appropriate december nation for this decade might be the post september 11thera. others argue to give the
11:50 pm
decade such a name could be letting the terrorists win. as if the cumulative casualties of war and civil liberties taking place under president bush were not already evidence of partial victory. the decades for unimaginable unfolding. abu ghraib and horrors of hurricane katrina and after this, still more remarkable election of a certified intellectual as president not to mention an african american one. >> that would be fine if the it was akbipd a more conservative point of view but it was not. and jeff was aoffended. gallup people polled americans to find biggest win winners and losers of 2009. michelle obama. 73% see her as a winner. runner up, secretary of state clinton 70% believe she as a winning day.
11:51 pm
losing front mark sanford tops the chart followed by joel wilson calling president obama a liar. check five. a look into the future. the mayo clinic says it will stop accepting medicare patients because the government reimburse smt too low. cuts are a hall mark of the new health care legislation this, is just the beginning if you care. 3,000 arizonains do care. they'll not be treated any longer at the clinic if they file under medicare. check six. good news from iraq. no american troops killed there in december. in combat. three died from noncombat causes. so far, 44 mun -- 4400 americans military members died in iraq. 32,000 americans have been wounded. 110,000 american troops remain in iraq. check seven, university of florida defeated north carolina state in basketball sunday. sheer how it went down. down.
11:52 pm
>> he's going to come from probably half court. missed the 3 three. now the three. he >> did it, florida gators won the game! >> i can do that. and finally check eight. 29-year-old nicholas nunley tried to steal a coca-cola machine. police polled him and photographed him with a dash cam. chasing the guy five miles and pulled him over and tasered him. charge of theft and vandalism among other things not the perfect crime. that is reality check. and tonight, starring an out of control elephant here he comes. right back with it. ♪ singer:hen you're a rock star you get to party hard ♪
11:53 pm
♪ champagne and caviar ♪ tricked-out exotic cars ♪ it's just how i thought it'd be ♪ ♪ 'cept the party's not for me ♪ ♪ 'cause some punk opened a credit card with my id ♪ ♪ free what? (free credit!) report dot com ♪ ♪ that's the site i'm gonna hit when i go home ♪ ♪ they know how credit works ♪ they send email alerts ♪ now i'm finding out how bad reality hurts ♪ legal vo: offer applies with enrollment in triple advantage
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time now for can you imagine spending christmas in iraq or afghanistan? hundreds of thousands did just that, defending our country and we would like to salute in entertainer who's went to war stones over the holidays including country singer billy ray cyrus. there he s tennis star anna kournikova and comedian dave attel. anyone going abroad is a patriot. there was quite a commotion in india when an elephant got a bit rattles. -- rattled. he just wanted a better seat, what is the problem? that display took plaik outside of a temple where the 6-year-old was marching in a religious pro session. two people were hurt. there he goes. hundreds unsettled so... we
11:56 pm
must make the elephant a pinhead. and let's get 2010 off to a great start becoming a bill o' premium member. you get a daily briefing on stories we didn't have time for, big discounts on our stuff, a weekly back stage conversation, and i understand daily message boards to debate the factor with other premium members. it's inexpensive, fun, educational. check it out. and jais winkelman in reno nevada i'm 14 and just subscribed to the factor pod cast on i tunes they're bold and fresh. i appreciate what you d i don't quite understand it. robin from tampa, florida would a jewish girl enjoy? absolutely. you'll get the structure because this is the heart of the book.
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and holly from indiana. bill it's disappointing you're overlooked for football coach position at notre dame. disappointing to whom, holly i can see my style now. hey, you're coming in d, that is it. no spin. kim from mississippi. not only did i get the coffee mug and shirt i asked for i also got the auto decal. you must have been very good. and pat from california, i vefed no spin door mat and am thrilled witness. including was a we say merry christmas bumper sticker. and sue and bill from oregon hey, bill, how about not being invidiuous, look it up. and darren mccray, columbia, south america. won't money they spent on
11:58 pm
antireligious christmas signs have better been spent on helping the poor? that what we do down here, i'm with you oun that. jesse alan in afghanistan. i'm an army medic and we were hoping and we was, sorry. i'm an army medic and was hoping you can send us some factor gear. we work with operation shoe box to do that. information about shoe box available on bill o' stay safe. we hope you get safe. john from canada, it's mostly sold out, but happy new year, right back at you. good day i received bold fresh and read it quickly. things haven't been great but the book inspired me to do my best that. is a secret to life. and i predict a good year for you in 2010. and from new york the tour with you sold out quickly.
11:59 pm
i was disappointed i got tickets, see you there. we're working on other places to take the tour in 2010. when we have stuff nailed down we'll pass it along. and any other suggestions for books for him to read? there is a list of books i like on bill o'reilly. those who trespass is a provocative novel. how about our web site? fox there is the factor web site. and e mail us comments from anywhere in the world. and please, when writing to us here is the word of the day. do not be beckless. and that is it for us today. we continue 24-7

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